Suspecting Candidiasis – Elevated Antibodies Causing EBV

Someone I know has heard of candidiasis in the past and wonder if she is a suspect. Well, she is 99.9% sure of it. Although she is a thin child, she was fed ice cream and sweets every night. She took antibiotics for acne from ages 10-17. At age 17, she started birth control pills. She is now 28, and she thinks she is falling apart! She needs to lose some weight, but more importantly, she just nuts certain weeks out of her cycle. This is getting worse and worse. Plus, she is a major sugar addict. It is her drug of choice. Also, she has had mononucleosis three times in her life which leads her to believe that there is something more going on such as CFS or EBV.

Do you have the same situation as hers? In the matter of EBV, you probably have elevated antibodies, and while viruses cannot be cured, they can be suppressed. The next time you see your doctor, I would ask him to do an antibody test for EBV. Actually, if he did a molecular test, it would show if you had an active infection, but most doctors would tell you such a test is ridiculous. To lower your antibodies, you can take one of many immune enhancing products that will build up your NKCs (natural killer cells) which in turn will battle to reduce the EBV antibodies.

By the way, I take Immune Support Factors by Chisholm labs, but there are tons of others available. You pretty much have to go through a trial and error process, because what works for one person may not work for another.